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Zipper repair

Change of zippers are the most common repairs. Zipper repairs can be done when the zipper tape and teeth are still in functional condition, but the slider is not closing the zipper correctly. We replace the slider with a new zipper slider, so that the zipper gets its initial function back.

A full zipper replacement is needed, if a molded zippers lost a tooth, coil zippers that tore at the zipper tape or center front zippers that have lost the bottom stopper.  Usually, we can get a factory replacement for the zipper. If not, we choose an in-stock replacement at same level of quality.


We offer a number of solutions for repairing holes and tears. From adhesive tapes to custom thermo-welded, or reinforcement sewn patches.


Cuff guards

In the Alps, Ski Mountaineering is the no1 alpine activitiy in winter season, so we see plenty of damaged cuffs. We rebuild your cuffs using Cordura®, Keprotec® or alternative reinforcement fabrics, for great.

Commercial repairs

We have almost 20 years of experience in the professional outdoor industry, and understand the needs of outfitters, guides and organizations. Our repair services allow you to get the most from your existing gear, while maintaining professional appearance and functionality. We can seam tape your embroidered logos, provide heat transfer logos for uniforms, and apply velcro for name tags.

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Seam taping

We offer seam taping of water proof breathable fabrics like GoreTex®, Event® NeoShell® and others. This allows us to repair your waterproof breathable pants and jackets to factory finish and performance.

Modern outdoor clothing is often made with “welded” seams. While we believe that stitched seams will always last longer, there are some reasons to repair your gear with this technique. We are happy to tell you when we think this technique will work for your application.


We offer replacement of most common snaps including the plastic KAM® style snaps. We can often source factory replacement snaps as well.

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Have a bunch of gear that is tired and worn out? tired of the duct tape look? We can provide general mending for all your outdoor gear.


Backpacks are often the critical piece of gear for outdoor adventures. They carry loads both simple, and bizarre, from our normal camping gear, tent, cook wear, clothes to whole moose quarters and that trophy sheep skull, we ask a lot from out packs. We can rebuild or reproduce lost or worn waist belts, reinforce straps and haul handles and have even rebuilt lumbar pads. Backpacks are expensive, keep yours functioning at it’s best, so you can perform at your best.

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As every repair is entirely unique, it’s best if we take a look at your equipment in person. We can provide approximate estimates for repairs and are happy to answer questions or arrange a free 15-minute consultation. Please let us know how we can help you.