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Extending the life of textile products is the most effective way to significantly reduce their impact on the climate and the environment.

To achieve this, product design has a key role to play. Quality defects such as colour fastness, tear resistance or the quality of zips and seams are among the main reasons for consumers to throw away textiles. Increased durability allows consumers to use clothing for longer, while supporting circular business models such as reuse, rental and repair, take-back services and second-hand retail in a way that creates opportunities for consumers to save money.

Other design aspects that impact the environmental performance of textiles include their material composition, including the fibres used and how they are blended, or the presence of chemicals of concern that hinder the recycling of textile waste.

In addition, digital tools are transforming the way clothing is designed, manufactured and maintained around the world, enabling new ways for actors to interact, creating a more dynamic response to consumer needs.
With the help of a new software, we manage not only to visually represent the designs in 3D, but also to show them statically and in animated motion through animations on a real-life model. This leads to a clearer and more effective cooperation between development, sales and marketing. This technology is young, promising and groundbreaking.


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To sum up, it is important to wear our clothes longer to reduce the environmental impact of our industry.

There will also be a shift from needing to own a product to having access to it; so environmental impact will become more important than economic prosperity.

Finally, we see a trend to give back after use. This creates a whole new wealth of resources from which new products can be created. The key word here is reuse instead of replacement.

Looking at the trends in our market, we are happy that we can make a small contribution to a better future with our philosophy and values.

einStein CONSULTING brings the approach of Circular Design into its work, advises clients in this regard and, together with its partners, takes the path towards a better and livable future for us and our descendants. 

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