einStein REPAIR

"Problems can never be solved with the same mindset that created them"

(Albert Einstein)

EinStein with its “mountain tailoring lab” is going to offer a professional textile – repair – service for all outdoor gear repair needs. If seam-taping operations on hard shell laminate garments, reparation on lightweight insulation items like down jackets, zipper exchange, reinforcement patching or fit adaptation – all kind of solutions are available.

We can update or fix all broken garments, so the end-user can get back into the mountains with a repaired product that is almost like new and with a great feeling, because the extended product – lifecycle is good for the environment.

The concept of “OUTDOOR TEXTILE REPAIR” is based on 2 main pillars.

The 1st pillar (B2C) offers a conventional repair and tailored product adaptation service to end-users. The new very exposed company location next to one of the most frequented streets of the region, will help in terms of communication.

The 2nd pillar (B2B) offers a service platform for textile brands that are interested on extended costumer service for retailers or end users. The repair service runs under the brand name and through their channels. The operative process is handled by einStein Repair directly with retailer or end user.

Textile repair

We offer a number of solutions for repairing holes and tears. From adhesive tapes to custom thermo-welded, or reinforcement sewn patches.

your request

einStein repair is happy to help you with all your repair needs. We are currently accepting repairs. We anticipate repairs taking around 1 to 2 weeks for non technical repairs and 4 weeks for technical repairs.


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