A new way of thinking and a fresh approach; the basis for innovative and informed ideas

Eco sustainable strategies, a complete new concept or the facelift of a current product – einStein can help you with every stage from concept to final production.

Continually delivering a successful product is the target of all companies. Our creativity and technical knowledge exists to support you in attaining the highest standards; pushing your company further ahead of your competition.

Developing your product with our innovation skills and a select group of specialists will ensure that your brand remains as a benchmark for others to admire.”

einStein believes in eco-sustainable strategies, an innovative approach, holistic overview and experience are the key foundations for a successful product.

einStein specialises in the development of technical and functional clothing and we pride ourselves in creating new solutions and technically driven products for all our clients.

We aim to build products, that are more sustainable or even better following a circular design approach.

Our consulting and development service starts with product analysis of concept continuing through to product completion, which means 100% readiness for mass production.

More than just a design service einStein offers a tried and tested approach to quality assurance coupled with intelligent thinking on multiple levels.

Whether your business is localised or multinational, we have the experience and creative ability to assist you in attaining a commercial advantage in todays competitive market.

Our international background, passion and experience has created a unique perspective towards emerging regional and global trends leading to extensive knowledge of several industrial directions. einStein offers outstanding professionalism in all areas of design and product development, adjusted to our customers’ internal structures and corporate identity. This assures that we deliver the highest possible customer satisfaction both in service and product.

conception & design

We offer the complete breadth of product development solutions:┬ámarket analysis – conception – design – development.

development & industrialisation

┬áDesign defined by function – the success of a creative product is founded upon the possibilities of its usefullness during implementation.

eco & circular economy

Extending the life of textile products is the most effective way to significantly reduce their impact on the climate and the environment.

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