einStein REPAIR

einStein offers a professional textile repair service for outdoor and functional equipment.


A new way of thinking and a fresh approach; the basis for alternative approaches and innovation.

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einStein is ecomanagement with clear circular approach.

einStein CONSULTING specialises in the development of technical and functional clothing. We offer a tried and tested approach to quality assurance, coupled with intelligent thinking on multiple levels.
We analyse current business and product structures as well as collections in the field of technical outdoor clothing, with a clear focus on making them more sustainable. We advise our clients on how to bring more sustainably optimised products to market that generate less Co2 pollution.

In addition, with einStein REPAIR we offer alternative solutions with regard to consumer thinking in order to sensitise the consumer behaviour of us end users and to influence it in a more ecologically sustainable way.

einStein REPAIR

the best solution for your textile and garment needs

As einStein REPAIR we can update or fix all broken garments – all kind of solutions are available, so the end-user can get back into the mountains with a repaired product that is almost like new.

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Damage such as rips, tears, punctures, excessive abrasions, broken buttons, zippers and other defects are the responsibility of the end user to have repaired. Improper or temporary repairs done non-authorized repair center will invalidate the guarantee. The guarantee remains valid for professional repairs, performed by an authorized repair center such as einStein Repair.

Since 1989 all waterproof GORE-TEX consumer products have been covered by the “GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY” promise. The defect/s present must be related to waterproofness, windproofness or breathability. Apart from that, returned products should be free of damage and in fully functional condition.


Delivering The Highest Quality Fabrics

conception & design

We offer the complete breadth of product development solutions: market analysis – conception – design – development.

development & industrialisation

 Design defined by function – the success of a creative product is founded upon the possibilities of its usefullness during implementation.

eco & circular economy

Extending the life of textile products is the most effective way to significantly reduce their impact on the climate and the environment.


einStein is ecomanagement with clear circular approach.


einStein REPAIR

einStein is going to offer a professional textile – repair – service for all outdoor gear repair needs


A new way of thinking and a fresh approach; the basis for informed and innovative ideas